-26- The best fried perogie dish

I’m a total perogie fiend. Home-made, store-bought, cheddar, onion, bacon and potato, sweet potato, you name it. Fry them up and put them in my mouth, please!

A few years ago, I experimented frying perogies with different veggies and concocted an amazing dish: fried potato perogies with onion, broccoli, and shredded cheese. I make this for every potluck, and I’ve even had the pleasure of serving it to a handful of  bands like Sepultura, Death Angel, and Krisiun. All the reviews I get on this dish are nothing put positive.

Here’s what you need for a serving of two:

  • 1 yellow onion (chopped)
  • 1 head broccoli (chopped)
  • marble cheese (shredded)
  • 1 bag of potato and cheddar perogies
  • olive oil


  1. Pour olive oil in a large pan and turn up the burner to medium high heat
  2. Put 14-18 frozen perogies in the pan
  3. Add the chopped broccoli and onions
  4. Fry everything until it turns golden brown
  5. Sprinkle the shredded cheese on the mixture
  6. Stir or flip the mixture so the cheese is evenly distributed and melted

This dish is also incredible with bacon. I suggest frying the bacon first and using the leftover grease to fry the perogies and veggies. Then right before you add the cheese, put the bacon pieces back into the pan.

There you go! Next time you have a potluck or just want to try something new, refer back to this recipe and be amazed. ;)



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