-24- The art of relaxation

I deal with a pretty big amount of stress and anxiety. Right now, on top of all my school responsibilities, I’m in the midst of trying to find a new place to live by the first of May. I’ve already moved twice since CreComm started last September, and I’m so incredibly exhausted of the whole process. I’m also trying to look for a summer job so I can pay off debt and get some work experience.

With all of these things up the air, along with being an introvert, it can be really hard for me to relax and recharge. But I still try. Here are some activities I do in attempt to calm myself.

Doing a guided meditation – At night, when I’m laying in bed and my head is spinning with all of the things I need to do, I will put on a guided meditation by Michael Sealy. He has an extremely soothing voice. He has videos with different themes: releasing negativity, detachment from overthinking, meeting your higher self, and many many more. Check out his channel here.

Taking a bath – There’s nothing that a warm bath won’t help, even just a little bit. I love lounging in the tub with epsom salts and turning off the lights. I guess it sort of resembles being in the womb and not having any worries or responsibilities.

Stretching out – Sitting at school all day and carrying around a backpack really strains the muscles in my body and can cause some pretty nasty knots. It feels great to stretch out and get back some flexibility and circulation in problem areas. Usually I watch a video on YouTube so I can follow along and not get distracted. Yogatic is one of my favorite channels.

Making fresh ginger tea – Brewing up some ginger tea and adding honey is one of my favorite acts of self-care. There are so many benefits of fresh ginger tea; it stimulates appetite, relieves tired muscles, and helps to sooth a sore stomach. Ginger root is available at many grocery stores, and the tea itself is very easy to make. Here’s a recipe.

These are just a few things I do to relax. What do you like to do to chill out? Comment and let me know!


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