-23- Infecter

This past Friday,  Cory Thomas of Ninjacat Productions hosted a benefit show for Manitoba Metalfest at The Park Theatre. It featured five local bands, and included the debut of his newest thrash metal band INFECTER. Members include Veronica Sears (vocals), David Jones (guitar), Lee Shodine (guitar & backup vocals), Jennifer Norris Wuckert (bass & backup vocals), and Thomas (drums).

Here’s a video and some photos from their set!


IMG_2969 copy
Jennifer Norris Wuckert
IMG_3127 copy
Veronica Sears
IMG_3092 copy
Lee Shodine
IMG_3126 copy
Cory Thomas
IMG_2992 copy
David Jones

INFECTER is playing their next show at The Windsor Hotel on March 19 for Zombie Assault’s CD release.

In addition, the 13th edition of Manitoba Metalfest is being held on April 15 and April 16 at The Park Theatre.


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