-18- The art of organization

Creative Communications is a demanding course; it’s very easy to become disorganized with all the handouts, assignment sheets, computer documents, and marked assignments. In this post, I will share my method of staying organized.

Assignment sheets – I keep all upcoming assignments that are due in my Red River College clipboard. You can buy these in several different colors for $7.99 at the campus bookstore. I put the assignment sheets in chronological order in the left-hand side of the clipboard flap. When the assignment is completed, I remove the sheet and put it in the right-hand side flap of the clipboard.

Marked assignments – When I receive a marked assignment back, I put it (along with the assignment sheet) on my document tray at home. I arrange them first by class, then put the assignments in chronological order. This makes it really simple to refer back to them.

Computer documents – I personally can’t stand the look of having icons on my desktop. It looks ugly and takes away from my awesome Judas Priest wallpaper. So I keep everything for CreComm in my documents folder in the Finder. I have a folder for every course. In every course folder, I have a “Past Assignments” folder for documents that I’ve handed in. I name every document by the date it’s due, then the name of the assignment. For example: 02.01.16 Target Audience and Analysis and Desired Outcomes.

Calendar – I put anything that’s due or any appointments that I have in my calendar on my computer as an event for easy reference.

There you have it! Is there a way that you stay organized? Tell me about it!


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