-18- The art of organization

Creative Communications is a demanding course; it’s very easy to become disorganized with all the handouts, assignment sheets, computer documents, and marked assignments. In this post, I will share my method of staying organized.

Assignment sheets – I keep all upcoming assignments that are due in my Red River College clipboard. You can buy these in several different colors for $7.99 at the campus bookstore. I put the assignment sheets in chronological order in the left-hand side of the clipboard flap. When the assignment is completed, I remove the sheet and put it in the right-hand side flap of the clipboard.

Marked assignments – When I receive a marked assignment back, I put it (along with the assignment sheet) on my document tray at home. I arrange them first by class, then put the assignments in chronological order. This makes it really simple to refer back to them.

Computer documents – I personally can’t stand the look of having icons on my desktop. It looks ugly and takes away from my awesome Judas Priest wallpaper. So I keep everything for CreComm in my documents folder in the Finder. I have a folder for every course. In every course folder, I have a “Past Assignments” folder for documents that I’ve handed in. I name every document by the date it’s due, then the name of the assignment. For example: 02.01.16 Target Audience and Analysis and Desired Outcomes.

Calendar – I put anything that’s due or any appointments that I have in my calendar on my computer as an event for easy reference.

There you have it! Is there a way that you stay organized? Tell me about it!


-17- Mosaic lamp

After watching videos on YouTube and being inspired by the work of Sonia King, I signed up for a mosaic art workshop in spring of 2015 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio. The workshop was lead by a talented Russian artist named Dimitry Komar. It was one of the best things I did for myself last year. I quickly learned that breaking pieces of tile and arranging them to make one cohesive picture or pattern was so relaxing and allowed my mind to take a break from everyday worries.

Unfortunately I gifted my first piece without taking a proper photo, so here’s the second piece I created.

IMG_1501 copy

IMG_1499 copy

Here’s the video I watched that really got me interested in the craft.

Apparently the WAG Studio isn’t offering these workshops any longer, but Prairie Studio Glass has a one day workshop coming up in February.

Click here for more information.

-16- Best music videos of 2015

Hey folks, happy new year! Today I’m going to divert from posting my art to acknowledge some great music videos that I obsessed over last year… and am still obsessing over.

First up is Missy Elliot’s video for Where They From. Before this song was released, Missy was absent from the hip-hop scene for around seven years. I grew up listening and dancing alone in my room to her music, so I lost it when I learned she released a single.

There are so many great things about this video: the inclusion of youth and people of different backgrounds, the dancing and choreography, the styling, and the kick-ass marionettes. It’s so visually appealing. I think I’ve watched it at least 50 times.


Next is Enforcer’s video Destroyer from their full-length album From Beyond. This Swedish speed metal band is a total nostalgic blast from the past. They have a big part in the speed metal revival, and I’m 100% into it. Studs and leather, high pitched screams, and bangin’ riffs? YES PLEASE.


Another note-worthy video that came out was Abbath’s Warriors. It’s fairly simple but important to include since it’s one of the first videos he has released since departing from Immortal. It’s pretty cheesy, but he’s honestly one of my heros. His tongue-in-cheek attitude toward black metal, and his ability to play the guitar are both entertaining and admirable.


Finally, there is Gruesome’s Savage Land, which is definitely NSFW. It’s the first and only video they’ve released since forming in 2014. If you’re into death metal, blood, gore, and cannibalism, this is right up your alley.


Were there any music videos from last year that you were really into? Let me know in the comments!