-15- Blackhound and Propagandhi

On Sunday night, legendary punk band Propagandhi played to a sold out crowd at The Pyramid Cabaret. This was their third show with Sulynn Halgo, their newest guitar player. It was an honor to finally see them after all these years. The crowd was absolutely wild, and matched the intensity that Prop brought with them on stage.

Local rock ‘n’ roll band Blackhound opened up for them and set a saucy tone for the rest of the night.

IMG_1489 copy

IMG_1039 copy

IMG_1044 copy

IMG_1061 copy

IMG_1074 copy

IMG_1115 copy

IMG_1150 copy

IMG_1460 copy

IMG_1169 copy

IMG_1201 copy

IMG_1272 copy

IMG_1290 copy

IMG_1335 copy

IMG_1453 copy

I borrowed a 50 mm lens from RRC for these photos. I loved how they turned out, so I’ll definitely be buying one of my own when I can.


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