-8- Nature photography

I find it so relaxing to spend time outdoors and admire the beauty that exists on our planet. It’s a great privilege to live in Canada and own a camera to capture and share these pictures.

I hope you have a peaceful night.

August 2011
Full moon lighting up clouds below outside of Winnipeg, MB. August 2011
January 2012
A cotton candy sunset in Winnipeg, MB. January 2012
Ontario Fox
A red fox cub on the side of highway in Ontario. July 2011
February 2012
Hoarfrost taking over trees on a cold morning in Winnipeg, MB. February 2012
Sunset 1790 Portage
A comforting summer sunset in Winnipeg, MB. September 2011
Perrault Falls.jpg
Perrault Lake reflecting the moon’s light in Perrault Falls, ON. July 2011
Vancouver 2010
A kill of crows in Vancouver, BC. November 2010

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