-4- Regurgitated Guts footage

Here’s some footage I recorded in September of a new local death metal band named Regurgitated Guts. If you’re handing out candy for Hallowe’en tonight, throw it on and scare all the trick-or-treaters. ; )


-3- Kraft Dinner drawing contest

When I was 7 years old, I entered a nation-wide Kraft Dinner drawing contest that was sponsored by Crayola. You were required to draw yourself eating Kraft Dinner in any Canadian city, and the grand prize winner would win a trip to the city he or she drew themselves in. I was not the grand prize winner, but I was one runner up out of 20!

Here’s the letter I was sent. What it doesn’t say is that I was also given $500 worth of Crayola craft supplies! I got stickers, crayons, pencil crayons, water colors, coloring books, and so much more. I was such a happy little girl.

Kraft Dinner Letter

Look at how old this box design is! I bet the cheese packet tastes exactly like it did 18 years ago. Mmmm.


Swimming with dolphins is one of my goals in life.


-2- Watain photos

In 2010, I flew to Vancouver to see Watain, a black metal band from Sweden. It is one of the creepiest concerts I’ve attended to date. They impaled pigs’ heads on flaming upside down crosses, and during their set, the lead singer Erik hovered back and forth on stage as if he was possessed. About half the people that showed up left because of the smell of rotting flesh and chloroform. I luckily avoided the pig’s blood that was thrown onto the crowd, and the end of a mic stand that was being jerked in my direction for taking photos.


Check out Watain’s music. Not for the faint of heart.